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Tiger Tunes UK
"They do write tunes like they used to"

Tiger Tunes UK (formerly Tiger Tunes) was set up by Andy Leggett in November 1980 to publish contemporary music written in a style popular before the second world war. Here is a selection of the more successful compositions, two of them, "Everyone's Got Horns" and "No!", now being released as a video on (see below). All selections by Andy Leggett except where indicated.

Title Composer Performed by
Black Pepper Stomp Henry Davies Henry's Bootblacks
Dear Mr. Berkeley AL Sweet Substitute
The Ritz Company
Desperate Dan AL Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra
Even Sunny Skies Are Blue AL / Henry Davies Henry's Bootblacks

Everyone's Got Horns
Lyrics | Video (YouTube)

AL Henry's Bootblacks
Bondi Broadcasters
A Friend of the Earth AL Bristol Schools Music Society
Gentle Treatment AL

"Shades of Bechet"

The Good Ship G & T AL / Chris Newman Fred Wedlock
Montserrat AL

"Shades of Bechet #2"

A Musical Christmas Card AL Sweet Substitute
The Nolan Sisters
New Orleans Feels Like Home AL Henry's Bootblacks
Rod Mason's Savannah Orchestra
The Vo de O Do Orch

Video (YouTube)

AL / Henry Davies Henry's Bootblacks
Bondi Broadcasters
Pussy Willow Blues AL

"Shades of Bechet"

Refrain for Jane AL

"Shades of Bechet"

Sleepie Susie AL Sweet Substitute
Sugar Makes Your Teeth Fall Out AL Henry's Bootblacks
Teamwork AL / Henry Davies / Pete Finch Henry's Bootblacks
Avon Touring Theatre
Tiger Blues AL Sweet Substitute
Hannah Wedlock
The Varsity Blue Bottom Wobble Henry Davies Henry's Bootblacks
Vitamin M for Money AL

Sweet Substitute

Waakibongo Henry Davies Henry's Bootblacks
White Pepper Stomp Henry Davies Henry's Bootblacks

"Tiger Tunes UK" has no connection with the American company "Tiger Tunes" other than admiration for its charity work.


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